What Education do we offer?

Put simply it is awareness training.  Awareness about the issues that LGBT people face on a daily basis.

Who is the education aimed at?

Our education packages are aimed at companies to develop their HR profile, organisations who want to enhance their staff knowledge on LGBT issues, schools who want to enhance the knowledge of their staff and students on LGBT issues, and in fact, any one who deals with LGBT people.  In short, everyone and anyone!

How is the education rolled out and is it accredited?

Our education packages are usually rolled out in 3.5 hour chunks, either in a morning or as an afternoon session.  Because our training would usually fall in to the category of work based training, it does not lead to an accredited qualification.  However, it is all followed up with a certificate for individuals or organisations stating the date time and content of the satisfactorily completed session.  It can also be used to enhance CPD profiles and to raise the profile of companies, or enhance the CV’s of individuals, in terms of their awareness of LGBT issues.

How is the Education delivered?

It is education that is provided by individuals who have a long community based experience of LGBT issues.  Committed individuals, educated to degree level and with a large working knowledge of the subject.  It is usually delivered to groups of individuals peripatetically. Our education is delivered so that the understanding of the subject matter at hand is assessed by activities during the session; leading to a certificate which is delivered on the satisfactory completion of the session.

What if I am an Individual and not an Organisation?

In this case the education packages could be provided on a one to one basis, or as part of a small group; if you are an individual, please contact our team who would be happy to discuss your individual needs with you.

Is there a cost?

Yes – this will be discussed with you as it varies depending on your level of need.

I would like to make a booking, how do I do this?

The easiest way is to talk to one of our staff team, either in person or by using our contact details.