A counselling client

I am currently attending counselling sessions with Darlington Arq and have been, on a weekly basis through most of 2018. After suffering a serious mental health breakdown in January 2018, I was given 6 weekly counselling sessions at my local GP surgery. The counsellor was lovely, but I feel these sessions did more damage than good, because the support ended before I was ready and it didn’t really achieve anything. So over the next few months I just sank further and further into nothingness.
My daughter then told me about Darlington Arq, I was given an assessment appointment and was offered open ended counselling sessions, with the most amazing counsellor I have ever had. The fact that I was told I would be able to attend counselling sessions for as long as I needed to, was one of the most important things for me to know. This meant I was able to confide in my counsellor about my problems, issues and worries without the feelings of dread that my sessions would end and I would be left high and dry again.