Peer Support/Safe Space

What is Peer Support / Safe Space?

Peer support is when we provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other.

A designated safe space; a place where you can talk openly about your sexuality, gender expression, gender identity and indeed any aspect of LGBT+ lifestyle.

Drop in to Darlington ARQ at any time

We are in the Cornmill Shopping Centre, Darlington.

We are open Monday to Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 11-3.

Come along and join us for a tea and coffee,browse our table top sale and chill out in our new accepting and safe space. You can also chat to our volunteers and see what we do.

Moving forward our designated safe space will be open daily:

  1. Designated safe space, a hate free zone with zero tolerance to homophobia, trans-phobia or any other hate speech or intolerance.
  2. Use the free WiFi to surf the net in a peaceful and welcoming space.
  3. Help yourself to tea and coffee for only 50p per cup