Peer Support Mentoring


What is Peer Support Mentoring?

Put  simply mentoring is access to a professional friend.  Often described as “counselling-light”, it a professional helping relationship working with a trained individual who has been specifically trained to “be” with someone in a professional listening capacity.

Mentoring is less formal and can take place in any format so long as the mentor and the client are happy with the venue and that confidentiality and safety is maintained at all times.  By supporting you in the community we aim to enable you to be all you can be and more!

We will help you find natural inner resources, build your resilience and help you unlock you own inner potential in order to become a more confident happy person.   We will always work in equal collaboration with our clients, which means that at every step, you are the expert on you!  We are made up of a group of experienced workers; all of whom are qualified in their area of expertise, are DBS checked for your safety and fully insured for your peace of mind.

Who can access Mentoring?

The short answer, is anyone and everyone.

Is there an initial assessment?

Yes, all of our clients are fully assessed before mentoring commences.  The assessments are conducted by trained counselling staff to ensure that mentoring is the right choice for you and also to ensure that your mentoring journey with us is as safe and effective as it can be.

Can I self refer?

Yes!  Darlington ARQ accepts referrals from individuals, GP surgeries, health care clinics, and pretty much from anyone and anywhere.  The process is simple, simply talk to a member of staff, or complete and return a referral form.  The first appointment is given within two weeks of first contact.

Is there a cost?

Yes, please click here to see our scale of charges.

So, I want to get started, how can I do this?

The easiest way is to complete one of our referral forms and return it to us and we will get in touch with you to start the process; you can find our referral form here: Referral Form