LGBT Survey (Results)


We are happy to report the following are the results of a small survey we conducted during February and March 2019.  When reading them; please bare in mind the following notes:

  1. The sample was small in size under under 100 people.
  2. The sample was not segregated by age range.
  3. The sample included direct quotes from respondents so may contain spelling/grammar errors and/or explicit language.
  4. We felt it was important to include every response, even the ones that appear negative; as we felt that this is the only way to give a true, accurate picture of what people told us.
  5. The sample is reported in full.

Do you identify as part of the LGBT+ community?


Yes 89% No 11%

Are you heterosexual?


Yes 23% No 77%


If no, please describe your sexuality here (i.e. gay, straight, bisexual…):


Hetereosexual 14.6%
Lesbian 16.7%
Straight 8.3%
Bisexual 8.3%
Pansexual 10.4%
Gay 37.5%
Questioning 2.1%
Polysexual 2.1%


Do you identify as cisgender (identifying with your gender assigned at birth)?:


Yes 77.1% No 12.9%


Do you identify as transgender (not identifying with your gender assigned at birth)?:


Yes 12.9% No 77.1%


Please describe your gender here (i.e. male, female, non-binary…):


Female 43.8%
Male 41.7%
Questioning 2.0%
Non Binary 12.5%


Do you feel comfortable walking through the town centre at night/early evening?:


Yes 58.3% No 41.7%
“People shouting derogatory names threats assault”
“I live in a rough town”
“Fights and arguments from drunk people”
“The amount of groups in the town would not do this alone”
“Large groups of people male, female, or children congregate fearful of verbal attacks due to weight/age/disability”
“It is not about my sexuality purely my gender i often feel intimidated by groups people especially those on bikes but it is due to my gender and my appearance rather than my sexuality”
No… I feel really uncomfortable walking home, have to go through Skinnergate corner to get to my street, (normally after work or if been out at comedy gig/theatre/cinema). Normally on my own -it’s awful walking through the drunken louts and clouds of cigarette smoke around Voodoo, The Keys, Hoskins, Bar 1 + now the new bar opposite Uno Momento, takeaway van always there causing more congestion, place is rife with Police/security guards which are definitely needed at times!”
“It depends on who is around me”
“Threat of intimidation and attack”


Would you say you feel intimidated by the thought of passing through the  town centre at night/early Evening?:


Yes 50.0% No 50.0%
“It is a rough town”
“Due to the drinking culture and groups I would not do this alone”
“I try to avoid situations that are confrontational”
“Very rough town, hostile area, where progressive and accepting views are almost entirely absent.  The kind of place where you get called a faggot if you are not a typical macho man”
“Unaccepting area”
“Most of the town centre is pedestrianised it takes time to walk between bus stops/taxi ranks/car parks”
“The groups if people who often shout lude comments regarding my gender or appearance it happens daily but more on weekends”
As above – makes me feel very uncomfortable/intimidated + vulnerable when walking past on my own. “
“Intimidation from other people”
“Intimidation and attack”


If you answered yes to the previous question, would you say this intimidation makes you fear you may be a victim of personal harm when passing through your local town centre at night?:


Yes 39.6% No 60.4%
“I have been shouted at, assaulted at and bullied”
“It is rough – I would possibly be attacked regardless of gender or sexual identity”
“Witnessed a lot of harmful encounters in this town”
“LGBT people are always at higher risk of violence in shitty poor areas”
“Scared harm may come to myself”
“More fearful of verbal attacks than physical but have been molested previously”
“In Darlington I have never felt that someone would physically harm me it is just verbal attacks however I have been attacked in cities before”
Yes, people often make inappropriate comments when walking passt, shout insults, blow smoke in your face, etc…”
“Sometimes I think people will yell things at me”


If you have said yes to the above two questions, do you feel this is exacerbated because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)? If the answer is “yes”, please provide more details about this answer in the box below:


Yes 54.2% No 45.8%
“I only get called derogatory names about my gender and or sexuality”
“If you look LGBT the chance of violence or hostility is much higher”
“Because of being female/weight/age/disability”
“Since I look very queer people think that I’m automatically gay”
“Just a general fear of other teenagers who hang around the town once the shops are shut”


Do you feel there is enough responsible guardianship and concern for community safety within your town centre at night? (I.e. regular police patrolling, local business security, CCTV cameras…). If your answer is “no”, please provide more details on what you feel could be done to further promote responsible guardianship and concern for community safety in the answer box provided below.:


Yes 25.0% No 75.0%
Not sure what the situation is regarding response by police or other helpers to signs that someone is in trouble. Are the cameras monitored? If not, are they simply there to provide evidence if someone accuses someone else of molesting them in some way?”
“Police should put more penalties on people bullying”
“Sometimes a bit more police present would be nice also more cctv outside of pubs facing into the street not just the pub front or event a safety officer to help people get taxis home”
“As far as I have seen now, however not much crime seems to happen”
“Shortage of police due to government cuts”
“Regular fights not enough cctv”
“Policing is lacking and most officers don’t give a shit unless it is a major crime that happens right under their nose”
“Not enough security”
“There is cctv but it is poorly situated not aware of foot patrols by police through pedestrianised area although they have been known to drive around the area hot sure how good lighting is after dark”
“There have been many incidents in the town centre not relating to LGBT that have not been resolved due to lack of cctv footage including the recent graffiti artist who was not caught despite three camera pointing in the area that apparently were not on it does make you worry that there is no one to support you other than door staff”
“I’ve never seen police on the street except in Pride”
“There is always people there but there is always people there”
“Larger police presence needed”


Do you feel there is enough proactive licensing and regulation within your local town centre at night? If your answer is “no”, please describe how you feel this could be improved upon in the answer box provided below.:


Yes 47.9% No 52.1%
“People drinking in the street shout abuse”
“Lack of government funding”
“Pubs are on a local town centre alert system however not many pubs in pedestrianised area, there is no public alcohol rule but it is ignored in the main”
Also need more regulation on teen youths who constantly misbehave + linger around town, causing damage + mouthing off. “
“I feel a shot culture and cheap drinks bring unwanted ASB”


Please think about the local businesses that may be active at night within your local town centre, do you feel they are actively driving up standards? If you answered “no”, please provide details for your answer in the answer box provided below.:


Yes 50.0% No 50.0%
It’s a yes and no answer for me. Some pubs look like they have high standards but don’t. And what people say are ruff pubs don’t tend to have has much trouble at one end of town. If more was put into spreading the help and business to each other people would be more likely to go to other pubs to help keep them open”
“I don’t go out much but I don’t think  many pubs around here cultivate an LGBT friendly atmosphere.  They are are sort of part of the problem by not being part of the solution”
“A lot of places are very well done with security”
“I don’t go out at all that much”
“Only places sell alcohol even if they sell food it is the drunks that cause trouble as well as groups of feral children (lack of parental care)”
“There are few establishments that are always going to be dives but the majority seem to be doing well and can be nice and safe places to be in on a night”
“There more emphasis on profit than customer care”


Overall, would you say your local town centre has a positive presentation at night? Please provide details for your answer in the answer box provided below.:


Yes 45.8% No 54.2%
“Not often in town at night so can’t really comment”
“Drunken low-lives hollering at each other”
“People drinking and doing drugs in the night”
“We hold the record for highest percentage of alcohol related hospital admissions – drugs, crime and violence are rife”
“If you use it for its purpose – getting drunk, walking between pubs/clubs then of course it had a good reputation if you need to get from  a to b via the town bus service not so much”
“I generally spend evenings in the keys and tubwell row and any trouble is quickly dealt with by the door staff or bar staff, they also get support from the staff next door it is a nice safe place to be”
“There is also a lot of loud drunk people”
“It’s filled with teenagers”
“Littering fouling of paths and drunken ASB”


Do you use public transport in you local town centre, at night? eg Bus, Train, Taxi, etc:


Yes 58.3% No 41.7%


Would you describe the public transport you use as safe?:


Yes 64.6% No 35.4%
“Everyone is almost always friendly, some are just moody”
“I use taxis mostly – they are safe enough provided the driver is sane”
“I have seen people beaten up in bus stations and nothing is done of it – people shouting racist remarks on trains”
“The busses have cctv drivers are quick to react to loutish behaviour, i feel safe on the bus more than walking”
“I am happy with it but my particular route has had a few incidents with rocks thrown through the window but luckily i have never been on them at the time and it is less than 0.5% a problem so that is fine by me”
“Taxi prices are a little steep”


Would you describe the public transport you use as affordable, or good value for the money you are paying?:


Yes 60.4% No 39.6%
“Unless I am travelling far on a bus – £25 is very expensive for a bus pass around Durham”
“Getting the bus is about as expensive as driving.  Trains can be just as expensive. THe whole point of mass transit is to be cheaper and safer options for the masses”
“Costs too prohibitive for short distance use some long distance costs are almost acceptable but multi use over a long period is not so good it can be cheaper to use trains in to town”
“Can’t go wrong…”
“I can’t really afford to go on the train it bus often”
“I get it free with my school bus pass”
“Taxi prices are costly”


Do you drive a car through your local town centre, at night, regularly?:


Yes 27.1% No 72.9%


Do you feel safe entering and exiting your vehicle / car parking lot within your local town centre, at night?:


Yes 43.8% No 56.2%


If your answer to the previous question was “no”, do you feel this is exacerbated because of your

membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)? If the answer is “yes”, please provide more details about this answer in the box below.:


Yes 27.1% No 72.9%
“I don’t drive”
“Fear of attack”


When travelling through your local town centre at night as a pedestrian, do you feel there are adequate safe, clear and convenient links within the town centre and surrounding areas?:


Yes 54.2% No 45.8%


How do you feel these pedestrian routes could be improved upon? Please answer in the answer box provided below.:


“More signposting would help”
“Brighter lighting”
“I think they are fine”
“More cctv and police”
“People around give me glares”
“I think they are fine”
“More cctv and police”
“Better paving and more cycle routes hard to be harassed when you’re going faster than the pedestrians and are away from the roadside”
“Better lighting”
As a pedestrian it is pretty rubbish. In the actual centre is fine to walk around but as soon as you need to get outside of it the crossings are very few and far between. And then the street lights outside the town centre are a joke. Little LED lights which are way too high for their strength giving patches of darkness between. I will not walk home alone (firthmoor) as I am too scared to walk alone once I cross St. Cuthberts Way. The town centre is fine but as soon as you’re out it does not feel safe. I always get the last bus home. “
“I feel that there should be more traffic lights at busy crossings”
“Not sure”
“There could be more signs showing where things are?”
“Improve more security”
“Disable access is poor”


If the town centre is overcrowded (i.e. there is an event in the town centre and a crowd has gathered, there is a traffic jam running through the town centre, etc…) at night, do you feel safe travelling through the crowd?:


Yes 54.2% No 45.8%


If not, do you feel this is exacerbated because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)? If the answer is “yes”, please provide more details about this answer in the box below.:


Yes 50.0% No 50.0%
“If you look LGBT the chance of violence or hostility is much higher”
“It is a rough town full of violent crime and drunken thugs who would attack anyone regardless of gender or sexual identity – also I have anxiety”
It’s purely my normal anxiety with crowds and nothing to do with my sexuality or gender. Same comments as normal.”
“Sometimes people around me might yell things at me or talk about me”
“Fear of attack and being targeted”


Do you feel local businesses contribute adequately to your safe movement through your local town centre at night? (I.e. adequate security outside bars / pubs, friendly staff within local businesses etc…):


Yes 52.1% No 47.9%
“No experience of this”
“Some staff are great some are not”
“Everyone is friendly and supports each other”
“Bouncers only deal with what happens inside and anything else is fair game”
“Bouncers don’t give a shit and business owners/staff are a cross section of the community, so they are only as bad and good as everyone else”
I know the door staff from all pubs and bars will help people outside as well as inside. And often are safer to get to than the police.”
“Security is often as bigoted as the customers”


If not, do you feel this is exacerbated because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)?:


Yes 41.7% No 58.3%
“As always if you look LGBT there is more chance of hostility trouble”
“I have been refused entry for looking too gay”


Do you feel there is a diverse choice of eating venues (restaurants, pubs etc…) that you would feel

comfortable dining in, in your town centre at night?:


Yes 54.2% No 45.8%


If not, do you feel your choice of eating venues is decreased because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)? i.e., you do not feel comfortable dining in a certain establishment because they / their clientele are openly anti-LGBT+?:


Yes 25.0% No 75.0%
“This area is culture less, unprogressive.  LGBT people really do not fit in with the ‘traditional values”
“Would not feel comfortable bring my partner to town for fear of judgement and intolerance”


Do you feel there is an adequate and diverse choice of venues that cater to your specific needs? (I.e. gender neutral toilets, non-heteronormative or cisnormative, you feel comfortable bringing your same-gender partner to).:


Yes 56.3% No 43.7%


If not, please explain how or why your specific needs are not met in certain establishments in the answer box below. (If not applicable please enter N/A):


“I have no specific needs”
“There is not enough consideration of older gay men”
“I would love for there to be more LGBT inclusive cafes or clubs – I don’t know of any at all”
“I have never seen a unisex toilet or gender neutral language apart from when it is absolutely necessary rather than by choice for the benefit of the LGBT community”
“There are no public loos only pubs or the dolphin centre”
My pub, The Quays, is inclusive of all. They also have the disabled toilet downstairs which they will allow people to use if they are not comfortable using the toilet of their assigned gender or their actual gender.”
“There could be more gender neutral toilets”
“There’s no gender neutral toilets so I always have to go in the women’s where I get funny looks”
“Gender neutral toilets would be nice, it would also help if they can make same sex couples more comfortable”
“The toilet situation for Trans people is appalling there is a real fear of being attacked when using toilets”


Do you feel your choice of venues is decreased because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)? I.e., you do not feel comfortable socialising in a certain establishment because they / their clientele are openly anti-LGBT+?:


Yes 50.0% No 50.0%


Do you feel that you have ever been discriminated against within any venue or in and around the town centre because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)? :


Yes 57.3% No 43.7%
“I try to blend in but I know some more openly/obviously LGBT people who have had trouble at certain places either being hassled by staff or other patrons”
“Refused entry for being gay”


Have you ever been verbally or physically harassed or attacked in and around the town centre because of your membership (or perceived membership) of a protected community (LGBT+)?:


Yes 33.3% No 66.7%


Did you report this?:


Yes 43.7% N (or NA if none) 54.2%
“I have many a time but I give as good as I get and end up saying sorry most of the time”
“DId not want further abuse”
“There is no point reporting verbal abuse police do not care as they certainly won’t go the distance to analyse cctv footage to identify the perpetrator”
“At Darlington pride a group of people especially one boy in particular kept telling me to take my top off”
“Reports are often not taken seriously enough and not followed up on often feels like a waste of time”


Do you feel there is a diverse and successful balance of different types of night-time venues that are explicitly LGBT+ friendly?:


Yes 58.3% No 45.8%
“I am straight”
“In some pubs it is clear that you can not be too affectionate this also goes for being straight in some pubs”
“No gay clubs or bars”
“I do not know of any venues which are LGBT inclusive and friendly here – at least not openly”
“There are only two LGBT friendly establishments in my town last time I checked and nto enough rock and metal clubs”
“Very little provision for the LGBT community in Darlington, apart from MOnday night which is orientated towards younger people”
“Night life around here is very traditional working class values bigoted in other words.
“There is a circuit on specific nights purely for this community of people”
I feel that there are so many places that are inclusive of everyone that it isn’t really an issue to me and my friends any more. Heterosexuals, homosexuals, 1 pansexual, 1 asexual and 2 bisexual. Of which 2 are transgender and the others are cis gendered. We all feel happy and included in the places we go”.
“I don’t go to many so I wouldn’t know”
“The town does not cater for LGBT people unless it is a Monday and even then it is not clear which venue do or do not support it”.


How do you feel the diversity and balance of night-time venues within the town centre could be improved so that they are explicitly LGBT+ friendly?:


“It is not up to the pub it is the clientele that goes in to them”
“Flags and posters”
“More clubs should host specific nights dedicated to lgbt community”
“They don’t need to be – there is more than enough gay bars”
“You would need a complete overhaul of the town and a complete re-education of the population, it would not be feasible.  The more practical option is just to get a good job and move to LOndon or Brighton”
“OK but could be better and improved through the various venues”
“Not sure why they have to probe it most member sof the public accept different communities without positively acknowledging it, when will  they positively promote people with weight issues where is the difference”
Darlington is the only UK town with a gay night – most have a gay street/area, so this would be better for LGBT+ community so feel they can socialise when they choose, not just a Monday.”
“Kick out people who are making rude comments”
“It’s alright”
“They are very accepting”
“Maybe a gay bar somewhere”
“Having a dedicated LGBT safe space”
“More door staff needed”
“Gender neutral toilets is an issue”
“Local bars and businesses can do more to address issues”
“Perhaps more LGBT people”


Do you feel night-time venues within your local town that are explicitly LGBT+ friendly are adequately signed as such? I.e. clear advertising, branding etc.:


Yes 12.5% No 87.5%


Overall, considering all of the above points; how would you rate Darlington in terms of how is caters for members of the LGBT+ community?:


Very Good 22.9%
Average 35.4%
Not Very Good 29.2%
Poor 12.5%


Would you like to see an adult social support group for LGBT+ people in and around Darlington?:


Yes 97.9% No 2.1%


Would you like to see an older person’s social support group for LGBT+ people in and around Darlington?:


Yes 97.9% No 2.1%


Would you like to see a younger person’s social support group for LGBT+ people in and around Darlington?:


Yes 97.9% No 2.1%


If you are a member of the Trans community; what has been your experience when using the bathroom of your choice? (If not applicable please enter N/A):


“Terrible – I get dirty looks and derogatory remarks”
“Hard for choice there sometimes I have to use my birth gender toilet which makes me feel invalid and uncomfortable”
“Toilet situation needs to be improved”
“Any such support groups out to be for all ages as I feel that there is often a misconception that  it’s only ok to be gay if you’re young and experimental (As if it’s trendy or just a phase) I’ve been told that often the younger generation of LGBT people are dismissive of older LGBT people”
“I have experienced many times that being gay in Darlington makes you a victim for harassment no matter what night it is (Monday or otherwise) a comment will always be made to make me, a member of the community feel uncomfortable and  or unsafe and this is coming from someone who doesn’t suffer with social anxiety or any other kind of issues so imagine what those people feel like on a night out or just around town during night time so to conclude yes I do feel as though town is unsafe and uncomfortable for people like us within the LGBT community”,


FInally; is there any other feedback you would like to give with regard to being LGBT+ in Darlington? (If not applicable lease enter N/A):


“I would like to say that we have a big community in Darlington so be yourself and don’t push it in peoples faces – that’s how people get their backs up about it – as I teach my kids who they are not what they are they will always be negativity in life just be positive in your life x”
“For Darlington there needs to be more security – they need to have more police patrolling and higher standards for everyone not just LGBT”
“Get the hell out of here if you can, poor areas are hell holes for lgbt people.  it is just one of those sad realities where being rich makes it much more easy to be yourself without persecution”
“More community help and advice on the day to day and legal problems incurred by the trans community, i know several people who struggle with modern day daily life such as shaving dressing, etc a club or group would be good”
“Things must improve”
“More focus on inclusion and less on profit”


If you have any questions about the survey, or would like to request a PDF copy of the results, please contact us.