Client Feedback

Feedback from our service users and clients is important to us. It let’s us know what we are doing well and also what we need to do better.

If you would like to leave us some feedback please use our contact page.

Below are some excerpts from feedback that we have had to date:

everything it has helped me loads.

I am currently attending counselling sessions with Darlington Arq and have been, on a weekly basis through most of 2018. After suffering a serious mental health breakdown in January 2018, I was given 6 weekly counselling sessions at my local GP surgery. The counsellor was lovely, but I feel these sessions did more damage than good, because the support ended before I was ready and it didn’t really achieve anything. So over the next few months I just sank further and further into nothingness.
My daughter then told me about Darlington Arq, I was given an assessment appointment and was offered open ended counselling sessions, with the most amazing counsellor I have ever had. The fact that I was told I would be able to attend counselling sessions for as long as I needed to, was one of the most important things for me to know. This meant I was able to confide in my counsellor about my problems, issues and worries without the feelings of dread that my sessions would end and I would be left high and dry again.
My counsellor has the most amazing way of explaining things and challenging my thoughts and feelings in a way that helps me to understand what happens with my thoughts, how I process them and how to deal with the outcome of these feelings, such as anxiety, panic attacks, self doubt, guilt, shame and anger.
For me Darlington Arq have been my lifeline. My counsellor has helped me to turn my life around, by showing me how to do it one step at a time. I have been on the most incredible journey on my road to recovery, I had been scared to leave the house, as I could not go out alone. I could not work, as I was unable to deal with people or with day to day life in general, and I just couldn’t see anyway of getting out of the situation I was in.
But now, I am back at work, I found the strength and confidence not to just get back to work, but to have a complete change from the job I was doing before. I went by myself on a 10hr coach trip so I could spend a week camping with my friend in Devon. I am more confident, I can deal with issues in a positive way, and I’m finding I can now move on from them and not let them drag me down. I find it much easier to talk about my feelings and deal with things more easily. I know I am almost on the last stint of my journey with Darlington Ark, but what gives me the confidence to keep moving forward is, I know that I can call on them if I find myself in need of their support again. anyone who finds themselves in a place they can no longer deal with, PLEASE, please get in touch with Darlington Arq