LGBT+ Awareness Education


What is the LGBT Champions Scheme?

Darlington ARQ recognise the importance of LGBT+ education and awareness in everything that we do.  We also want to roll this out to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.  By working together with organisations it is our aim to encourage them to fulfil a set of evidence based aims and “promises” in order to become an LGBT Champion.

What is the process?

The organisation (or individual) and Darlington ARQ work together to achieve:

  • Inclusive Policies & Procedures
  • Inclusive Staff Involvement
  • Successful engagement of Allies
  • Managerial Support of LGBT People
  • LGBT Public Engagement
  • This is backed up by delivery to the organisation (or individual) of our LGBT Awareness Training

At the end of the process and on completion of the agreement:

  • The organisation (or individual) receives an award that they can display in their premises
  • The organisation (or individual) receives publicity across all Darlington ARQ’s social media and a press release to the local press
  • All participants in the training receive an individual certificate of recognition for their achievement
  • An increased public profile with relation to the organisations Equality and Diversity

What are the benefits to my organisation?

By demonstrating their commitment to the scheme; the organisation (or individual) will:

  • Receive free publicity
  • Receive free advertising through our social media
  • Receive updated and realistic training in LGBT awareness
  • Gain recognition as being an LGBT Champion

Research has indicated that this can increase productivity of the organisation by demonstrating their commitment to the diversity of the their staff team, not to mention the huge un-tapped “pink” pound.

This is also available for individuals; we can do individual one to one tuition or small groups.

How to I apply for the scheme?

The process is simple, simply talk to a member of staff, call us on 01325 788 203 or email us on  Or click Contact

Is there a cost?

Yes there is a set cost for this however it is negotiable to suit the individual needs of the organisations budget.

Current Award Holders:

Listed below are the organisations that have successfully completed out LGBT Champions Scheme and are the proud holders of their very own LGBT Champion Award