LGBT+ Awareness Education


What is the LGBT Champions Scheme?

Darlington ARQ recognise the importance of LGBT+ education and awareness in everything that we do.  We also want to roll this out to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.  By working together with organisations it is our aim to encourage them to fulfil a set of evidence based aims and “promises” in order to become an LGBT+ Champion.

This process is also available to individuals, as well as organisations.

The process:

· LGBT+ Awareness Education is delivered

· Evidence based agreement paperwork is completed

This will empower the organisation to:

· Produce and maintain inclusive policies & procedures

· Demonstrate inclusive involvement within the staff team

· Demonstrate successful engagement of Allies/LGBT+ Support Networks

· Demonstrate effective managerial Support of LGBT+ People

· Achieve better LGBT+ Public Engagement

After the process:

· Evidence based agreement is assessed

· Presentation of award takes place

· Logo above is made freely available for promotional purposes

· The organisation receives publicity across all Darlington ARQ’s social media

· Press release is drafted for local press

· All participants in the training receive an individual certificate of achievement

· An increased public profile with relation to the organisations Equality and Diversity

The benefits:

By demonstrating their commitment to the scheme; the organisation will:

· Receive free publicity about their achievement

· Receive free advertising through our social media

· Receive updated and realistic training in LGBT+ awareness

· Gain recognition as being an LGBT+ Champion

Be able to work competently , sensitively and effectively with LGBT + people

To find out more about this service or to make a booking please contact us