Celebrating Communities Family Fun Day

Celebrating Communities invite you to…..

On Sunday May 19th an event is planned to invite families with their children to meet with the Police and our local Fire and Rescue teams at Gladstone street police station starting at 2pm and ending at 4pm. Admission is free.

Children will have the opportunity of meeting with the Police Interceptor team and getting up close to a big gleaming red fire engine and look round a new ASB vehicle. There will be police vans which will be exciting for children to get inside and play with the sirens and look in the locked cage where people who step out of line are put when under arrest.

Police officers will be available for you to talk to – introduce yourself and chat – you will find them very friendly and helpful.

Inside Gladstone Street offices talks will be given on Home safety, Community Cohesion and Hate Crime during the afternoon which will give you time to chill out and enjoy tea of coffee and a sandwich while listening to the sensible advice provided by our police and Fire officers.  Refreshments will be free of charge.

So do come down to a fun packed afternoon. Your little ones will enjoy it and adults with or without children will learn something that could save a life.

The event is being organised by Celebrating Communities in close partnership with the Darlington Police and our local Fire and Rescue Service. Celebrating Communities meet every third Wednesday in Darlington Fire Station at 7pm. Our objective is to work to reduce prejudice, suspicion and fear between the people of Darlington. Should you wish to be part of our team join us on the 22nd May.

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