One Candle Power

We have all heard the expression candlepower used to talk about illumination; but we have a slightly different take on this.  We have received a gift, pictured above.  A lovely handmade candle.  This was ordered, made and gifted to us by a friend from within the Muslim community.

So what is the power of this candle?  In a world where Islmaphobia and Homophobia are still very much a real threat to the freedom and peace of each community; and in a world where such communities are often culturally polar opposites; a gift, an act of kindness is a powerful thing.  Not only is it a gesture of friendship but it opens up communication channels to working together, inclusion and unity.

Particularly during LGBT History Month; the themes of which include peace.  A candle has long been associated with peace.  To receive a gift of a candles it to receive a gift of light, of hope.  What better way to express kindness; friendship and solidarity than to gift a give of light and hope.

That, is our take on the power of a candle.

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