LGBT History Month 2019 – Peace


County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service, Darlington ARQ, Durham Rainbow Alliance and Darlington Borough Council are working in collaboration to raise awareness and support for the LGBT Community.  February is LGBT History month and this year’s theme is around peace, reconciliation and activism. Each week in February CDDFRS, Darlington ARQ, DCC and DBC will be showcasing particular events and milestones in the LGBT history around this year’s theme.

This weeks publication is from Rainbow Alliance member Durham County Council on the theme Peace.

What is Peace? A state of internal harmony, or between people, or groups of people.

LGBT History Month exists not only  uncover LGBT+ histories that have been hidden and ignored but also to ensure that people learn about LGBT+ topics. This is perhaps the most effective way to combat the ignorance that can lead to prejudice and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and people who don’t fit in with societies gender norms and expectations.

Thinking about peace and what might threaten peace is a powerful way to break down barriers.

Below are some examples of potential threats to our state of internal harmony, or between people or groups of people, that are food for thought.  Some that seem obvious, others you may not have thought about in this way

It seems obvious that physical attacks on people who are thought to be LGBT are a threat to the internal peace of those who experience such hate crimes, and it is probably easy to see how this effects the behaviour of groups of people, and how it threatens peaceful relationships between them. But not all threats to peace are so clear. Today we would like you to give a little thought little thought to what the following could do to an individual’s sense of peace, and how they feed in to ones that are more obvious.

People saying that you can’t be LGBT and heave a faith.

The word “gay” being used as an insult

Media celebrating feminine women and masculine men

Calling people names for not fitting in to gender stereotypes and expectations

Shops that separate boys and girls clothes

Having no “out” LGBT+ people visible in your world

Assuming that everyone is straight

Rarely seeing, or poor representation of, LGBT+ people throughout our history

Categorising activities into things for girls and things for boys

Ignoring LGBT phobic comments and jokes

For more information on the LGBT History month go to


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