Festive Raffle Results

We have drawn our Festive Raffle today and the results are listed below.  All prizes have been claimed with the exception of 296-300 on the Yellow Ticket.

Many congratulations to our lucky prize winners, the prizes will either be delivered to you or you can collect them from our office at 34 Priestgate, Darlington.

Thanks to everyone for their generosity, we have raised a total of £71 !!


Prize No Prize Winning Ticket Winner Name
1 Litre of Whisky 436-510 pink K Talbot
2 Yankee Candle Holder 506-510 pink Joy (Soundwaves)
3 Lead  Crystal Glasses 316-320 yellow Josh
4 Marks & Spencer Toilet Bag 331-335 yellow B Chapman
5 Red Wine 476-480 pink P Simpson (Soundwaves)
6 White Wine 296-300 yellow
7 Xmas cake and Mince Pies 281-285 yellow Leila
8 Victoria Biscuits 391-395 pink A Roberts (Soundwaves)
9 Roses Chocolates 456-460 pink K Allan (Soundwaves)
10 Kitchen Clock 416-420 pink M Denning (Soundwaves)
11 Coffee Mugs 241-245 yellow Olive
12 LYDC Purse 261-265 yellow B Chapman
13 Royal Jelly Gift Set 271-275 yellow Angela
14 £20 Gift Voucher – ARQ 441-445 pink S Mannnan (Soundwaves)


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