Darlington ARQ (CIC) – Notification of Scale of Charges & Means Test

In order to maintain sustainability and continue to provide our excellent services without waiting lists, and where applicable free to those most in need; it has become necessary for us to now charge for our counselling and mentoring services.

Please note that we will not withhold services from anyone that is truly in need, and this has been catered for in our scale of charges below.

We are not a commercial body; and we maintain the community interest goal of helping people in need.  The charge for our services is therefore to offset the running costs of the service and is not for profit. Every person within the company continues to work for free and no portion of the service charges are retained by any individual.

Please note that all our services are subject to a cancellation policy whereby if notice is not given 24 hours prior to the booking, the applicable rate will still be charged.  We also operate a DNA (did not attend) policy with our therapy services whereby if a client fails to attend for three consecutive appointments they will be discharged, please be advised that if this is the case the client will be charged for the missed appointments.

Therefore; If, for any reason, you need to cancel or re-arrange a service, please do this as soon as possible.

 The charges will apply for both new and existing clients as from 1st November 2018.  New clients will be advised of cost during their assessment and existing clients will be advised of the same at their next appointment after 1st November 2018.

Your individual therapist will advise how payments can be made.  Please note that payment must be made before each session commences.  Initial assessment appointments will remain free.

 Our scales of charges are as follows:


Scale of Charges Cost Means Test
Private Rate £35 per hour or part thereof Private and corporate rate for individuals who have contracted to be seen privately, or companies who have bought hours.  No evidence is required.
Standard Rate £10  per hour or part thereof Standard hourly rate for all adults (16+)
Discount Rate £5  per hour or part thereof Discounted rate for under 16s and for adults who are on a low income (benefits).  NB proof of benefit must be provided.
Hardship Rate £0 Hardship rate, for individuals on no income.  Proof of no income must be provided.

If you have any questions regarding our scale of charges or means test, please contact us on 01388 22 95 16 or at darlingtonarq@gmail.com.

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