Do you want to be on TV?

Received the following message today; if anyone is interested in appearing in the show, please contact us so I can forward on the producers details.  Email us at

“I work at Studio Lambert, the television company behind Gogglebox, Tattoo Fixers and The Circle.

We are developing a brand new documentary series all about family life in modern Britain. The idea is that we would focus on a few select families living in Darlington, and follow their daily lives. Much like Gogglebox, we plan to film this series as it airs, so our characters would be discussing things that are going on in the country at the moment, from politics to entertainment to breaking news.

As this series is all about family life in 2018, we are really keen to feature a real cross section of different family set-ups, and we are very keen to feature an LGBT family on the series. I would love to chat to any families in Darlington who are great characters with strong opinions about what is going on in the country today.

At this point, the project is in its very early stages, so it would just be having an informal chat with myself.

If you know of any families who are interested, it would be fantastic if you could forward this email to them. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me directly.”

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