Pride Prize Draw

We are holding a Pride Prize Draw as part of our Pride 2018 Celebrations

First Prize a fabulous fragrance hamper worth over £300!

If you would like enter for only  £2   please follow the instructions below:

  1. Simply click on the yellow “Buy Now” button below, when the donation page loads, enter the amount of £2 (more if you are feeling generous)

    Buy Now Button

    Make sure that you enter your full name; and contact details so that we can contact you if you are lucky enough to win!

  2. You can also buy a number from one of our volunteers at the event on 13 August.
  3. Your details will be processed ASAP and you will receive an email confirming your prize draw number.
  4. Keep this number safe.
  5. At the end of our pride celebrations on 13th August; a number will be randomly selected from those sold; using automated number generating software.
  6. This will be done for each prize.
  7. A full list of winning numbers will be published shortly after the event.

All proceeds go directly to helping our clients and service users

We thank you in advance for your generosity.




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